Who I am

My name is Dustin Stafford! I am currently located in beautiful orange county and taking great advantage of all that is has to offer! I've been taking photos for about 3 years now and I can definitely say it has taught me so much about life in general! I recently decided on a name change, which has many people asking "what is Wild&Stripe?" Alright, well here it goes! 

Wild & Stripe Co. 

I have been booking more and more weddings over this last wedding season and could not be happier with the clients I have met and the weddings I have shot. I've really started to see my work grow and develop which has caused my passion for photography to also grow. I started to realize at the beginning of this past summer that I absolutely loved wedding. Being that it was my favorite thing to do I thought I should work on developing that area of my work, which I started with a name change! So what is wild and stripe? Well, it's my definition of what I believe the wedding industry to be. Wildsomething that is free spirited and progressive. Stripe: traditional, sticking to the union of love that is marriage. And that's how it all came about! I'm extremely excited to see where the future takes me and cannot wait to shoot more and more weddings. Looking for a photographer to shoot your super hip, mason jar ridden, anything goes, stellar and extremely fun wedding?! Welp, I'm your guy! Head on over to my contact page and tell me a little something about your self!